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How do I check for firewall blocks on my cPanel hosting service?
The firewall checker can be used to identify any potential issues you may have from a device on your network. These issues range from failed cPanel logins, failed email logins to more server issues like a compromised device.&nbsp...
How do I access cPanel?
There are two ways to access cPanel Via the Click Host dashboard Log into your Clickhost dashboard at https://clickhost.com.au/manage/dashboard Select the type of service on the left-hand side Click the cPanel logo next to your s...
How do I reset my cPanel password?
The cPanel password is used for a number of things, including cPanel, FTP/SFTP, and SSH access. Like logging into cPanel, there are two methods we provide you to reset your cPanel password. Reset the Password from the Clickhost ...
What's my cPanel server name and IP address?
You'll need your cPanel server hostname or IP address eventually if you need to connect to SSH/SFTP, FTP, or even use it for your email application. There are two locations where you're able to locate your server hostname and/or ...
Website not loading? Try these steps first.
When your website is down, the answer to the issue may be much simpler than you think. An issue with your website can be caused by many different things. Problems with the DNS Your cache A firewall on the server or on your c...
How to Check Disk Space Usage in cPanel
As a website owner, it is important to regularly monitor your disk space usage in cPanel to ensure that you are not exceeding the allocated limit. By following the steps below, you can easily check your disk space usage and decide...
How to create an FTP account?
Step 1: Accessing cPanel Before creating an FTP account in cPanel, you will need to login to your cPanel account. If you are unsure how to do this, please follow these steps: Open your web browser and visit your website's cPanel ...
Uploading Word (.doc) files in Joomla
Issue Description When trying to upload Word (.doc) files to the images directory of your Joomla site, you receive an error message stating "filetype not supported" and the file doesn't get uploaded successfully. The following ste...

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