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1. Submit the transfer.
Submit the transfer through our order form below and supply the domain name key. You can get the EPP Code from your existing provider.
2. Approve the transfer
An email will be sent to the registrant email address on the domain containing an approval link. Click the link to approve the domain name transfer.
3. Sit tight.
You've done it! You won need to do anything else. The domain will be transferred within a few days.

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Everything Included.

Manage your domain portfolio with Clickhost and enjoy premium domain management features with no hidden charges.

Privacy / ID Protection
Keep your personal details out of the hands of spammers and keep your inbox clean and safe from fraud with free whois protection on all eligible domains.
Guarantee the integrity of your online presence by enabling our DNSSEC service on your domain at Clickhost. Protect your customers from DNS hijacking.
Lowest Pricing
With our record low prices across most of our 500 domain extensions, save money on your domain portfolio and protect your brand with our cheap domain names.
Instant Registration
Don't wait on us to get started on your big idea. With instant registration your domain becomes availiable instantly so what are you waiting for?
Free DNS Hosting
With our Premium DNS included at no added cost, get your services resolving instantly on our super-fast anycast DNS system with no hosting required.
Free URL & Email Forwarding
With our free forward services, you can forward your domain to an existing website or online service and forward your emails at no extra cost.

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