Innovative Hosting - Fast Support - AU Owned & Operated

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the fastest, easiest to use and most reliable website hosting service backed by a local friendly team of experts.
We believe innovation is the next natural step for progression in the web hosting space and we thrive on customer feedback to help us grow in the right direction.

Meet the Leadership Team

We're a passionate experienced team commited to doing hosting the right way so you can put your time into bigger and better things!

Dean Walsh
Chief Executive Officer (Founder)
Adrian Acosta
Chief Development Officer (Founder)
Chris Lewis
Customer Service Manager
D'Arcy Horton
Support Team Leader

The history of our Leadership Team

We know hosting, but don't just take our word for it.

Dean Walsh joins the team at VentraIP Australia in the Level 1 Support (moving to Level 1 Lead) where he takes on the responsibility of all things tech for a rapidly expanding hosting company.

Adrian Acosta joins the team at NetVirtue as a foundational member of the revered Technical Support team. The company is primed for growth.

Ready for a challenge and with a hunger for change, Dean Walsh makes a move and joins the team at NetVirtue as the new Chief Technical Officer.

After 3 years of fantastic customer service at NetVirtue, Adrian Acosta is promoted to Customer Service Manager and takes on more responsibility than ever before.

With more than 20 years of technical support experience in the Web Hosting Industry D'Arcy Horton joins the team at NetVirtue Pty Ltd. A real pro and mentor.

Chris Lewis joins the team at NetVirtue and becomes a real client favourite. Chris leads the charge on ensuring customer satisfaction.

On 2 August 21, Nexigen Digital acquires NetVirtue.

Co-Founded by Dean and Adrian and with Chris and D'Arcy as foundational employees, we welcome you to Clickhost Pty Ltd.