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How do I migrate my emails?

We provide a free tool to migrate your email from another provider over to us. 

This will copy all your email from your inboxes, you can run this tool multiple times to sync your mailbox and ensure no messages are missed during DNS propagation.

1. Login to our dashboard.

2. Click Migration Request

3. Select your service from the list 

4. Enter your IMAP login details (IMAP server, email address, mailbox password) and schedule when you would like your migration to start.

5. Click Validate Logins - this will attempt a login and ensure you've provided the correct login details and check to ensure there is enough quota to perform the migration. 

6. Click Submit Migration.

A ticket will be opened for the migration request and one of our migration specialists will start the transfer for you. Once complete they will provide all the information needed to update your DNS. 


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