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RackServers Acquisition (FAQ)

What happened with RackServers?

On 11 December 2023, Click Host Pty Ltd announced the acquisition of Rack Servers, a long-standing Australian provider of web hosting, domain names and VPS servers.

Rack Servers was founded in 2010 to fill a gap in the Australian hosting space to provide customers with a wide range of services including web hosting, VPS servers, domain names and reseller hosting services.

Clickhost is dedicated to setting the benchmark for website hosting services in Australia, prioritizing unparalleled speed, user-friendly solutions, and unwavering reliability. Our commitment to excellence is fortified by a knowledgeable local team, ensuring a superior customer experience built on trust and reliability.

We believe innovation is the next natural step for progression in hosting and we thrive on customer feedback to help us grow in the right direction.

This acquisition marks a significant milestone in our journey, and we are incredibly excited about what this means for you.

How will I manage my services?

You will continue logging in to your account on the Rack Servers website for now.

Over the next few months, we'll be working to move your billing account over to the Clickhost website. Before that happens, we'll communicate the changes in advance. The only thing that will change as part of this is where you log in to access your invoices and services, your hosted services will remain unchanged as they are currently.


Will there be any plan or pricing changes? 

There will be no plan or pricing changes for Rack Servers customers. This transition will be seamless and without any disruptions, especially as we approach the end of the year. We understand the importance of stability during this period, and we are committed to ensuring that your services remain uninterrupted.

The only change we'll be implementing immediately is to increase the backup scheduled across all services to better protect your data.

Next year we'll begin planning to migrate all services to modern NVMe AMD EPYC servers which will improve your hosting performance, redundancy and reliability significantly at no extra cost. 

These migrations will be planned and executed in such a way that it should be seamless for all customers and no intervention should be required. Our team will notify you about these changes in 2024 in advance of the planned upgrades.


Will there be any changes to billing?

Billing will continue as per your normal schedule. The only thing that will change is the payment descriptor on your bank statement. Instead of reading Rack Servers Pty Ltd as the Payee, shortly your payments will be made to Click Host Pty Ltd.


What will happen to my domains?

For now, nothing will change. You will continue to manage them via your existing Rack Servers account as you've always done. In the next 3 months, when your account is transitioned into a Clickhost account, your domains will be seamlessly transitioned. Rack Servers and Clickhost both use Synergy Wholesale for domain names, so no registrar changes will be required for most domains. 


How to get support?

You can continue to submit your support requests via the Rack Servers helpdesk or call Rack Servers as usual. 

After your account is migrated to a Clickhost account in the following months, you'll be able to submit your support requests through the Clickhost portal instead.

Our helpdesk team are trained to be thorough to provide the best customer service experience in Australia. We respond to most tickets in under 1 hour with an average response time of around 15 minutes 24/7 365.

We're also available for chat on our website between 9AM to 10PM Monday to Friday and 9am to 5PM weekends.

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Give us a call at 1300 969 155 between 9-5 Mon - Fri (AEST)

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To contact our 24/7 emergency line out of hours, simply call and follow the prompts.

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